Just Good Fudge TM began with a secret family recipe handed down from several generations of a Pennsylvanian family and the satisfaction of spreading happiness from the kitchen straight through a loved ones stomach right to their heart. Soon, the “happiness” spread from family holiday tables to the workplaces of friends and associates and a passionate hobby became labor of love by reputation and request. A proud woman’s dream was born.

Vanessa Jones now shares the truly genuine taste of days-gone-by and childlike-innocence with generations young and old on a national level due to the ever-growing popularity of this true comfort food. Once you’ve allowed yourself the indulgence of a few squares of her famous peanut butter fudge, you’ll want to treat everyone you care about with a pre-packaged gift of this just GREAT treat. Of course, with all her modesty, she likes to keep the origin of the recipe and the roots of her intention basic as it was in the beginning by simply stating that it is “just good fudge”.

– a “Child at Heart” and Devotee

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